The Holly Jennings Series

The Preference

"This was one great thriller, very interesting and suspenseful. I have become a Holly Jennings fan and can't wait to start the next book."

- Amazon Review

San Diego homicide detective Holly Jennings is back in The Preference and she is hunting the most sadistic killer she’s faced yet.

Do You Prefer Red or White?

It’s a simple question… When couples from Las Vegas to Colorado Springs receive an e-mail with an offer to win a free trip to Napa Valley by simply stating their preference of either red or white wine, little do they know the killing spree their “preference” sets in motion.

He calls himself The Connoisseur…

He stalks and murders young, beautiful red headed or blonde women depending on “his clients” preference. The Connoisseur is methodical, sadistic and with a need to seek what he considers justice for himself.

Homicide detective Holly Jennings wants nothing more than to nail The Connoisseur. However, when his next victim doesn’t fit his Modus Operandi, Holly has to consider the possibility of two killers, a copycat, or a hunter who may actually know how to outwit her.

The Preference is the third book in the thrilling Holly Jennings series.

The Holly Jennings Series

Daddy's Home

Blood and Roses

The Preference

Deadly Affairs

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