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Heart-Pounding Thrillers That Take Readers On A Rollercoaster


Meet Detective Holly Jennings

Holly Jennings is the San Diego PD’s top crime scene investigator. She’s also a single mother struggling to raise her daughter alone and to dealing with her feelings for another man in the wake of her husband’s death.


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new york times and usa today best selling author

A.K. Alexander writes gritty thrillers that will have you looking over your shoulder. Her international bestselling thriller DADDY’S HOME has sold over one million copies worldwide. Her books have been on the New York Times Bestseller list, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Kindle bestseller list.


"The author has written the book in such a way that you become invested in the characters quickly.

They are so fully developed, both the "bad" characters and the "good" characters. Their back stories are interspersed so naturally you can almost see them drawn on the page."


"The Family Man," is a sick, demented, psychopath that is in serious need of help and apparently his family, too!

Read to see how this novel takes you on a journey of a detective that doesn't play games,how she finds most of the answers she is looking for, how she finds herself and love....all in one!!! Action packed and full of surprises.....PLEASE READ THIS, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!"


"I read and watch suspense, murder mysteries all the time

and usually guess about half way through how it is going to end. Not so with this book."

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